ProCare Beverage Service – NESCAFÉ Milano

Nestle PROFESSIONAL ProCare Beverage Service  

The Nestle PROFESSIONAL ProCare Beverage Service includes all you need to serve refreshments consistently efficiently and profitably. Refreshment Systems have partnered with Nestle to bring you the best service possible with your NESCAFÉ Milano machine.

Coffee Ambassador: A highly trained coffee professional to help grow your business, keep your machines in great working order, develop your menu and help you with anything else you require. As part of the ProCare service, your ambassador with visit every 3 months to ensure all is going well by maintaining the machines, training your staff and bringing you new seasonal POS. You can also rely on Refreshment Systems to be with you every step of the way, from the 1st installation into the future.

As well as a highly trained coffee ambassador by your side you also receive all of the services covered by the Procare Beverage Solution:

Nestle ProCare Beverage Service

Quality Assurance: Refreshment Systems and Nestle Professional have teamed up to bring you the best quality experience available. From the equipment and the ingredients you will be using, to the service you will be receiving; the   highest standards have been reached. The coffee, hot chocolate and milk have been tested extensively with great results, by the biggest brand in coffee… NESCAFÉ! Serve only the best drinks, consistently and efficiently.

Machine Provision: No capital outlay means that the machines are financially affordable with no need for expensive upfront payments.

Machine Maintenance: Refreshment Systems and your own coffee ambassador will work together to ensure your machines are well maintained. A prompt service with little to no down time on machines. Preventative visits to reduce the risk of break downs and correctives visits to fix any problems.

Machine Commissioning: Refreshment systems will be working with Nestle Professionals and your staff for the installation, site assessment, set up of the menu and set up & Training of the staff.

Staff Engagement: Latte Art training and kit you need for you and your staff means you can extract the most value from  your drinks and really wow your customers, exceeding expectations. There is also training with up-selling, Building confidence and motivation.

Menu & Recipe Development: Hot & Cold options, Serve an iced frappuccino in the summer and a warming layered latte in the winter; all from the same machine. Add Variety, Hands on training, Development of core offers and a tailored seasonal menu.

In-Store Merchandising: Large range of POS options including tent cards, posters, loyalty cards, strut cards, swing signs and outdoor signage. All for no extra cost. The coffee barista will replace any damaged POS

Promotional Support: We’ll help you Drive awareness and introduce helpful sales techniques with the use of loyalty cards and the development of in-store promotions.

Performance Evaluation: Beverage Growth, Issue Resolution, Data analysis and recommendations. Continuous Improvement for everyone involved.

Insight Driven: As well as the experience of nestle behind you and the 40+ years of experience Refreshment Systems have gained we can help you identify industry trends, Sharing Consumer information, Industry Dynamics new ideas and drive your business! View sales information on-screen and check your ingredient levels.

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