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The Right Coffee Machine for your Golf Club

Posted on 07/01/2015 by Katie Jackson
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Driving up golf club coffee standards

Choosing a coffee machine is like choosing the right type of club, you have to choose the correct one for the situation. It’s no good having a top-of-the-line traditional espresso machine in the halfway house and expecting people to know how to use it (using a wedge for putting), or having a pod machine in the main dining room where demand is high (using a putter for a 350 yard shot!)

In recent years there’s been a growing trend in the amount of golf club coffee being served. Having a place where golfers can relax and grab a coffee, before or after a round, can really add to the whole experience. With golf clubs having such a captive audience, coffee and other hot drinks are something to take advantage of. The Downshire Golf Complex in Berkshire even has a radio on the 9th tee so golfers can order hot drinks and pick them up between the 9th and 10th hole.

Which machine to go for

In our experience, having a coffee machine which can be both self-served and served is ideal for early morning golfers who will still be able to use the machine when there is no one around to serve them. Most bean to cup coffee machines can be fitted with a coin mechanism for golfers to serve themselves. It can then be deactivated by members of staff when they want to serve drinks. They can also dispense drinks by using an i-key, which can be prepaid or programmed to give a specified amount of free drinks for your most loyal patrons.

Fully automated or traditional espresso

There’s no doubt that a traditional machine adds a bit of theatre to the whole process of serving coffee which is why they’re often placed in busier cafe and bar areas. The problem is, unless you have specially trained staff to use it in the right way, you’re unlikely to produce anything good from it. This is where fully automated coffee machines come in to their own, able to grind fresh beans and brew a tasty cup in seconds at the touch of a button. They require minimum knowledge to operate and are easy to clean and maintain.

Alternatively, you could use a hybrid, like in golf. The Amore 1 is a traditional espresso machine that uses coffee pods. Using pods means there’s no need to worry about grinding and dosing the right amount of coffee beans which means you get get consistently good quality quality coffee with every cup. It also has an automatic steam wand for preparing foamed milk without needing specific training.

What to look out for

Once you’ve decided on the best machine for each location, you want to make sure it’ll be able to cope with likely servings per day. A cheaper machine may still be able to produce a nice cappuccino but will slow down in busy periods when it struggles to keep up with demand. You also want an attractive coffee machine, that will draw the eye and encourage sales. Also consider the space you have and whether you’ll have enough room for cups, stirrers and other ancillaries.

Service and maintenance

Another big factor to consider is service and maintenance. Machines can break down from time to time so you need a company that can provide you with quick response engineers to keep your machines up and running, and your customers fuelled. This can be a problem when buying second hand machines which tend to be older and more prone to breakdowns.

Use a consultant

If you’re still unsure on what’s best why not use our expertise. A good coffee company will offer a free consultation to identify the best machine for you and the best locations to put them. We can offer demos on various machines so you get to taste the drinks first hand.

If you want to drive up coffee sales, are planning on buying a new machine or renewing an old one, why not contact us to arrange a visit from one of our industry specialists.

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