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UK Hospital Statistics


Million meals served to NHS patients every year


Million members of staff that require nourishing food & drink on shift

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Dysphagia Coffee Machine

A hot and cold drinks machine serving patients with swallowing difficulties.

Delivers: coffees, teas, juicy drinks, and liquidized meals. (All drinks conform to the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) thickening levels.)

Ward Beverage Trolley

A portable hot drinks boiler serving patients on hospital wards.

Delivers: Instant Coffee, Tea, Malted Drink, Hot Chocolate, plus many more . We also offer added extras including Toast warmers.

Mini Cottage Pie OF

24/7 Hot Food Access

A Frozen food vending machine with microwave outlet to provide staff and patients with 24/7 hot food.

Delivers: A range of frozen microwave meals from OakHouse Foods.

Vending and coffee machine

Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machines

We offer a wide range of vending machines all built with the latest telemetry tracking

Delivers: Cold cans and bottles, snacks and crisps, hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

Water Cooler: Hydration at Its Finest

Water Coolers and Dispensers

Enhance the overall guest experience by promoting health & well-being, and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Delivers: Ice cold, sparkling, room temperature filtered water

SMARTQUBE Model S fresh milk

Restaurant and Café Coffee Machines

From traditional to automated we have every solution for your café and restaurant areas.

Woman in bed in hospital

Reduce time spent away from patients


Happier staff and patients

How can we improve your patient’s and staff’s satisfaction?

Let us tell you more about each solution and how it has benefitted other hospitals in the UK.

Dysphagia Machine

The advent of dysphagia drinks vending machines has revolutionized the way the hospitality sector caters to individuals with swallowing difficulties. These innovative machines offer a comprehensive solution by providing:

  • Easy access to a diverse range of dysphagia-friendly beverages and liquidized food options.
  • With the ability to deliver coffees, teas, juicy drinks, and liquidized meals at the correct International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) thickening levels,
  • These vending machines serve as a game-changing resource for individuals with dysphagia. 

Ward Beverage Trolley

By providing easy access to a variety of beverages, such as water, juice, and tea, the trolley helps prevent dehydration and keeps patients well-hydrated.

  • The trolley offers convenience by eliminating the need for nurses to leave the ward to get drinks, saving time and effort for both patients and healthcare staff.
  • This convenience enhances patient satisfaction as they can have their preferred drinks readily available, promoting a positive hospital experience.

Overall, a well-equipped ward beverage trolley plays a vital role in promoting hydration, convenience, and patient satisfaction in hospital wards.

Vending and coffee machine

Cold, Snack and Hot Drinks Vending machines

Cold drink vending machines offer unparalleled convenience by being available 24/7.

  • Whether it’s a late-night craving or a quick refreshment during the day, guests and staff can easily access cold drinks without the need to search for a store or wait for room service.

This accessibility ensures that individuals can quench their thirst on their own terms, saving time and effort.

Water Dispensers

Water dispensers have become an essential component in the hospitality sector, serving as a convenient and reliable source of hydration for both guests and staff. In an industry where exceptional service and guest satisfaction are paramount, providing easy access to clean drinking water is not only a basic necessity but also a symbol of quality hospitality. Water dispensers offer numerous benefits and play a vital role in enhancing the overall guest experience, promoting health and well-being, and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

water dispenser

Hot Food Vending

Subzero The availability of hot food through vending machines has revolutionized the hospitality sector, offering guests and staff round-the-clock access to warm and delicious meals. This innovative concept provides a multitude of benefits:

  • Individuals have convenient access to hot food options at any time of the day or night.
  • Hot food vending machines contribute significantly to the hospitality industry’s commitment to delivering outstanding service and ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • These machines not only cater to a wide range of culinary preferences but also elevate the overall dining experience, adding convenience and culinary diversity to enhance customer enjoyment.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Designed in Germany. Experience the bold and rich flavour of coffee with SMARTQUBE X.
Three application scenarios – Standard, Professional and Self-service are preinstalled.

IoT Cloud offers you the complete package: track and analyze live data, monitor machine status and beverage consumption, manage maintenance, adjust the recipes and personalize the videos remotely

The 10.1” colour touch display with the Android system is easy to operate. It offers personalization and advertisement options which brings an intelligent mode of human-computer interaction.

A separate hot water outlet makes it easy and
efficient to prepare various tea beverages.

Compassionate Approach to Care

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We can’t thank the team enough, from helping us with the colour schemes to menu boards and point of sale materials, they have just been brilliant!

Coffee House Newark

We approached RSL after finding out that they could supply the Vitro coffee machines (which we wanted in our new offices). They were able to offer us the best solution to meet our needs. We are so happy with the service that we have received so far, that we are looking to use them in some of our other sites.

Virgin Money

With the help of RSL, we now have a machine that meets demand, makes a delicious drink and is easy to use. We’re delighted with the service that we are now looking to add further machines to different areas on campus.

Leeds City College

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