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Instant coffee v bean-to-cup

Posted on 06/02/2023 by RSL
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For the many people that say “I’m not a morning person” there is nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee to fuel you for the day ahead. The history around the humble brew continues to evolve since its deception and is now considered one of the world’s most highly traded commodities according to The British Coffee Association.

Coffee vending machines have grown in popularity in the modern workplace. If you are looking to provide high-quality coffee for your employees but don’t know if you should choose instant or bean-to-cup, in this blog we will be going over some useful comparisons to help you decide which machine is right for you.

Things to consider

There can be so many factors to consider when choosing which machine is right for you. The size of the machine, maintenance, are they easy to use? Not everyone will be using it for the same reason i.e., where you work, the hours you work, etc. How can you stay safe using one due to Covid-19? When discussing how you can be safe, at Refreshment Systems we have now incorporated a SAFEtouch Antimicrobial Film that inhibits bacterial growth.

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There are also questions employers or employees may be asking. If you have a high-quality coffee machine at home, would you expect the same sort of quality in the workplace? Do you work night shifts and just want a quick cup of coffee to get you through the night?  


It may also be down to what type of brew you want and how long you are willing to wait. For example,

  • The Voce Media can dispense instant coffee in less than 10 seconds
  • Bean-to-cup can be made around every 22 seconds.

Maintenance and cleaning

All vending machines need daily maintenance and cleaning, including wiping the mixing bowls and getting rid of any product build-up from the previous day. If you are considering a bean-to-cup machine, the one part that requires the most care is the grinder. Grinders involve moving parts and constant abrasion (similar to blenders with ice). 

Our coffee

It’s not just about the machine its self, it’s also about the coffee that goes into the machine. You might prefer instant to bean-to-cup or vice versa. As mentioned earlier you will be using the vending machine differently from how someone else might use it, but it is still important to be using high-quality coffee.

We offer a range of coffee beans which include our own six different blends that suit individual tastes, whilst also providing two certified Fairtrade options. We also have a selection of instant coffee and a choice of either decaf or Fairtrade.

If you want to hear more about our product and services, get in touch with Refreshment Systems on 0800 169 3686 or visit balmforthandco.co.uk for more information on our different blends.

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Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. If they are not achieving their goals then neither are we. Their satisfaction is very important to us and we believe that delivering what our customers want and need, means that we can form a long-lasting partnership.

I would recommend Refreshment Systems to any car dealership that is looking to enhance their customer experience with a high quality drink offering of bean to cup. We have worked with them for a number of years and installed a new machine last year which we could not be happier with.

Sytner, Sheffield

We got our machines very quickly, installed and working in no time, the aftercare is superb, we have weekly visits from our very entertaining replenishment engineer, nothing is too much trouble and we would highly recommend Refreshment Systems to any new/existing business.

Cygnet Health

I think the most important advantage RSL had over other potential suppliers was the use of the mobile drinks van. We knew we were getting quality before we switched suppliers!

Kongsberg Automotive

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