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Summer coffee drinks you need to try

Posted on 17/06/2021 by RSL
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Summer is officially here and there is nothing better than firing up the BBQ, sunbathing and cooling off with a refreshing iced cold coffee. Hang on, the guy sat next to me has a confused look on his face, does he think I said: “iced cold coffee” rather than a nice cold alcoholic beverage? This is Refreshment Systems, not a brewery.

Yes, I did say “iced cold coffee” and we are going to explore some of Summers 2021 top trending coffee drink ideas.

Mornings with a twist?

Saying “I’m not a morning person” and the first thing you do is make a fresh cup of coffee to fuel you for the day, sounds very similar to the previous blog which you should go read after you swap your morning hot coffee with something new and cool.

The turn of the seasons (not necessarily Summer) is a great time for trying new things, and enjoying beverages with seasonality in mind. But for this blog which has Summer and coffee in the title, why not cool down with creamy coffee treats or get creative by creating coffee ice cubes for your iced lattes?

External trends v Internal trends

We work in an industry where we supply coffee vending machines and have our own coffee blends, so one would assume the people that work at RSL are coffee drinkers, right? Actually, assuming is the wrong way to go about something. It’s a mixed bag and some prefer builder’s tea which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The people who do drink coffee actually had some interesting choices, so it did make sense to ask internally rather than going to an external source and seeing their opinions.

Refreshment Systems Summer Coffee Trends

  1. Caramel frappe – “Is there any better way to start the day than with a caramel Frappuccino? Especially during the summer”
  2. Iced mocha – “This drink is great for sipping in the garden and feeling that summer breeze.”
  3. Iced vanilla latte – “They’re creamy, light and deliciously refreshing on hot days!”
  4. Coconut iced coffee – “A delicious combination on warm summer days.”
  5. Lavazza cold brew – “The best way to get my caffeine fix in the morning during the summer without having to drink hot coffee.”  
  6. Coffee milkshake – “When it’s too hot to do anything, I enjoy this afternoon treat in the shade.”

Feel inspired

Whether you try our top mentions, feel inspired to create something new, or even if you start using better quality coffee beans or instant coffee (like our very own range) to elevate your beverages, we hope you enjoy whatever creative spin you put on your coffee to help you feel refreshed this summer.

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