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Do You Still Use a Vending Machine?

Posted on 17/10/2022 by RSL
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Still, searching for shrapnel? Still, painfully waiting for your product to dispense? Still wasting money on out-of-date, or broken items. Do you still use a snack vending machine?

These are just a few things that make you want to do the extra travel to a shop to get the things you want. Where the convenient coffee vending machine should be making your life easier it’s not. It’s time to dust the cobwebs off your unused bean to cup vending machine and bring it up to speed on what’s been changing in the vending industry. 

Self Serve Vending machines have been on the market for many decades and have gone through so many transformations. But when the vending started popping up in businesses, such as hospitals, office blocks, and manufacturing sites there was a huge task on the hands of these machines to provide refreshments to people every day.

It had to be reliable, and maintained, making sure the job is getting done. Unfortunately, after a while, these new office vending machines on these sites would break down and have no stock and they could have been like that for days.

Intelligent vending and coffee machine hot food vending machine and a bean to cup instant coffee vending machine for healthcare sector and hospitals option

People would become impatient, and annoyed, even damaging the snack machine more by using physical force. One of the points of the company industrial vending machine is to provide snacks and drinks within seconds. They can’t be working 50%, 40%, 30%… of the time.

Another disadvantage to vending equipment 5 -10 years ago was the only pay was via cash. However, there was the technology available to pay contactless. Smart Vending machines were running behind in the race to be technological advance.

The long ride

It’s taken years for vending Business to move into the limelight, and a lot of pressure was put on vending companies to get them right. Customers are a big part of this and there had to be Commercial coffee machines capable of improving the customer experience. 

Now, there are new vending products that can meet the demands of modern life. Buying a new vending machine has never been better. As a vending supplier in the UK, we can work with you to create a completely bespoke vending estate. 

Gone are the days of cash-only machines and products breaking when they arrive at the bottom of the machine. No more waiting days for an engineer to come to a site or an operative coming to fill the machine a week after the call was originally logged. 

Buy vending machines from RSL showcase the unique capabilities that they can offer customers. 

  • Touch screen selections
  • Contactless payments 
  • Facial Recognition 
  • Lift operated
  • Telemetry enabled

And so much more.

Now that we’re here with these new intelligent vending solutions, the only way to go is forward. This is just the stepping stone for you and us. Things will continue to improve, making your life as easy as possible through vending. 

The first commercial vending machine was a success, then it was time to start making changes and now we’re finally there. It’s because our dedicated customers with feedback on how we can make things better are what has really driven us to be greater.

When you use these new machines you will be able to tell the difference, the craftsmanship, the technology, the look and ability to use it without it breaking down.

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Refreshment Systems Ltd is one of the most trusted vending machine suppliers in the UK. Whichever option you require either Buy Vending Machine | Rent vending machine | Lease Vending Machine | Stand alone Vending Machine | or Multiple location Machines. RSL is always by your side providing the best vending service nationwide.

Benefits of Getting a Coffee, Snack or Drink Vending Machines from Refreshment Systems

There are many advantages of vending . It is a way to keep your colleagues, clients and visitors refreshed throughout the day. It comes with a reduced cost compared to a fully manned refreshment station at work. With RSL, all our machines are fitted with telemetry units to make coffee machine management more efficient, reducing downtime and ensuring your machines are always stocked.

Take workplace refreshments to the next level with buy new vending machines from Refreshment Systems. RSL is a leading National vending supplier. Our unbeatable range of machines can be purchased outright or leased.

 Get in touch with our team now to get started.

You will always have an option to lease vending machine, Buy vending machine or rent vending machine from RSL. Complete freedom of choice and various service packages available up to completely managed vending solution tailored just per you and your customers needs.

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We’ve been using RSL now for well over 10 years. In a highly competitive market they have always maintained top quality products and service. Professional, innovative and reliable but with a personal friendly touch, I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

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We can’t thank the team enough, from helping us with the colour schemes to menu boards and point of sale materials, they have just been brilliant!

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