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Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties and it is reported that in some care homes between 50 – 75% of the residents may have dysphagia. Those with dysphagia may have problems swallowing certain foods or liquids and some may be unable to swallow at all. The texture of the diet and /or consistency of the fluids may need to be changed and the Speech Language Therapist (SLT) and a Dietitian may have given the appropriate and tailor made advice.

Finally, we are glad to announce the one and only exclusive beverage solution for people with Dysphagia.

Current Issues

  • Difficulties to conform to the IDDSI guidelines
  • Increased manual labour
  • Results not great (slimy coffee/beverages)
  • High waste of (expensive) products
  • Frustrated nurses/carers


  • Too much handling
  • Measuring spoon needed
  • Stirring by hand
  • Risk of aberrant viscosity
    (products are not suitable in combination of coffee)


  • Expensive products
  • High labour
  • High waste

In partnership with a number of manufacturers a vending solution has been developed for drinks & food for hospitals, elderly & disabled care. We have the solution for the “24/7-problem”, where there is not enough time, trained staff or even staff at all…

  • One push on a button solution = no hassle (select thickness)
  • Reduced handling = reduced labour cost
  • Wide selection of beverages and IDDSI levels
  • No waste
  • Gives an exact IDDSI level every time
  • Perfect result (no “slimy beverages”)
  • IDDSI level is guaranteed even when the beverage gets cold
  • Amylase resistant

Not just coffee, there multiple vending options available with these unique machines.

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