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Posted on 01/07/2021 by RSL
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The concept for both Micro-Markets and refreshment solutions are very similar – to provide employees within the workplace with food and drinks in a fast and efficient way. 

Ideal for the modern workplace, a Micro-Market is a revolution in workplace refreshments, but do you know what one is? 

Picture one like it was a mini unattended supermarket – not too much different than the self-checkout at your local shop. They consist of open shelves and refrigerated food kiosks that offer healthy pre-made food, fruit, and drinks (hot and cold). However, it’s the level of convenience these markets can bring to your employee breakroom.

Benefits for all

There are a variety of benefits that come with a Micro-Market, including: 

  • Completely hands-off
  • Little day-to-day maintenance
  • Flexibility  
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Can adjust to fit available space
  • Increased productivity 

Coffee machines and Micro-Markets

Probably one of the most important features of the Micro-Market is the coffee machine. A machine like the NEO adapts well to the modern workplace and the modern design of a Micro-Market, by providing different coffee shop drinks customisation and more than one way to pay. 

The NEO coffee machine also showcases graphics and illumination that will engage the user while guiding them to the ultimate intelligent beverage experience. 

We offer a range of coffee beans which include our own six different blends that suit individual tastes. We also provide two certified Fairtrade options and a selection of instant coffee. (Decaf or Fairtrade)

Questions/Things to consider

It’s worth thinking about these questions and taking everything into consideration.

  • Type of brands? You can adapt the food range on offer to the demands of your employees
  • Do they have allergies? Are they vegan or vegetarian? What healthy food/drinks would you put in?  
  • Have you thought about the design if you consider one?
  • How could it work with social distancing in place?

Technology and innovation

A Micro-Market adapts well to the current situation we all face with pre-packaged items and an open design that encourages social distancing. Also, they take advantage of the latest technology and innovation to deliver an unmanned retail experience. 

If you want to hear more about our product and services, get in touch with Refreshment Systems on 0800 169 3686 or visit balmforthandco.co.uk for more information on our different blends.

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Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. If they are not achieving their goals then neither are we. Their satisfaction is very important to us and we believe that delivering what our customers want and need, means that we can form a long-lasting partnership.

We got our machines very quickly, installed and working in no time, the aftercare is superb, we have weekly visits from our very entertaining replenishment engineer, nothing is too much trouble and we would highly recommend Refreshment Systems to any new/existing business.

Cygnet Health

I think the most important advantage RSL had over other potential suppliers was the use of the mobile drinks van. We knew we were getting quality before we switched suppliers!

Kongsberg Automotive

With the help of RSL, we now have a machine that meets demand, makes a delicious drink and is easy to use. We’re delighted with the service that we are now looking to add further machines to different areas on campus.

Leeds City College

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