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Our Carbon Zero Vending Journey

Posted on 26/01/2024 by Kate Dickinson
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Transforming Lives and Protecting the Environment: Our Carbon Neutral Journey in Kenya

At Refreshment Systems, our commitment to the environment extends far beyond words. Since 2008, we’ve been actively engaged in reducing and offsetting our corporate carbon footprint, striving towards a goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Collaborating with a dedicated carbon management company, we’ve taken significant steps to not just measure our impact but actively work to neutralize it.

Refreshment Systems Carbon Zero Kenyan Stove Project

Choosing to support the Kenyan Energy Efficient Stove Project was a conscious decision aligned with our values. This impactful project focuses on building energy-saving cooking stoves for villages in Kenya. The results have been transformative: a staggering 50% reduction in firewood needs, leading to a significant decrease in carbon emissions from these stoves.

However, the benefits of these stoves extend far beyond carbon prevention. They offer families a cost-effective and time-saving method of cooking, addressing critical issues surrounding fuel scarcity. Moreover, by reducing the reliance on firewood, these stoves play a pivotal role in preventing deforestation, preserving vital habitats for wildlife in the region.

Refreshment Systems Carbon Zero Kenyan Stove Project

One of the most significant advantages of these energy-efficient stoves is their impact on health. Indoor smoke, a pervasive issue in Africa, is responsible for an alarming 1.6 million deaths annually in Kenya alone. By cutting indoor smoke by half, these stoves address this critical health concern, earning them the title of a “kitchen killer” deterrent.

Within the Kenyan Energy Efficient Stove Project, our involvement is specifically linked to the “Kisumu” project. Situated near the city of Kisumu in the Nyanza Province, this area faces significant socio-economic challenges. High rates of maternal and infant mortality, coupled with unemployment, poor health, and poverty, underscore the urgency of interventions like the distribution of these life-changing stoves.

The impact of our support reaches communities in East and West Kajulu, just outside Kisumu. These stoves aren’t just about reducing carbon; they represent a lifeline for these communities, providing improved health, economic relief, and environmental conservation.

At Refreshment Systems, our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality isn’t just a goal; it’s a mission that transforms lives and protects the environment. By supporting projects like the Kenyan Energy Efficient Stove Project, we’re not just reducing our carbon footprint; we’re fostering positive change, one stove at a time.

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