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Posted on 19/08/2021 by RSL
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Over the past year, the world has been entirely different with current events reshaping many businesses. The world came to a standstill but we kept moving, thinking of new ways to better serve our customers and improve daily business operations.

First, we assessed our entire vending machine estate, switching to a more advanced backend software system which gave us advanced reporting capabilities. Next, we equipped our machines with much-needed telemetry units, giving us full visibility of our entire machine range. This gives us the power to extract powerful usage data from our vending machines.

Now, we are releasing a podcast to explain what we are doing with that data!

Over the past three months, our blog posts touched on telemetry, artificial intelligence, automatic ordering, and more.

We are not just jumping on the bandwagon and using as many buzzwords as we can fit in an article. Ultimately, we are implementing new technology because we believe in the effect it has. Better customer service, more choice, efficient route planning and lower carbon emissions.

You can purchase telemetry technology and a Nayax card reader off the shelf. But it’s how you spend your time investing in all the capabilities they have to offer that counts.

Our machines are telemetry and Nayax enabled, but it’s been a long process over the last 12 months and we are now starting to see the positive effects. Now that we have incorporated this technology, it’s only fitting that we explain the benefits amongst other things through our new podcast.    

Who are RSL?

Refreshment Systems dates back to 1967 where Duncan Balmforth (founder) went on a journey exploring how the ancient brew (coffee) can make a delectable cup of coffee. This led the company to bring you amazing coffee through our sister company Balmforth & Co and next-generation vending solutions with RSL.

Are we a Carbon Zero company?

Since 2008, Refreshment Systems have been on a journey to become carbon zero and we have worked with a carbon management company to calculate and offset our carbon footprint. Our podcast will cover more details about our journey to become Carbon Zero and why we chose to support the Kenyan Energy Efficient Stove Project.

Why have we started a podcast?

Our podcast was started by our very own sales manager, Jamie Cochrane. “RSL are such a forward-thinking company with a genuine desire for technology & innovation. I had plenty of spare time in lock-down and got to thinking how we could be innovative or different in terms of marketing ourselves and show the industry just how good we are. We stand out from the rest in so many ways as a company, why not do the same with our marketing? I love a good podcast – crime, comedy, entertainment and even some educational ones, it’s something I’d love to be able to…It got me wondering that maybe we could do something similar with and for our customers, or potential customers. We could share our expert view on all things vending and coffee, but also get our customers (the real experts) involved too.”

“I brought the idea to our amazing marketing team, and within a matter of days, they had all the equipment sorted and ready to start recording! We had a list of subjects ready to go, all we had to do now was get the experts involved (which we’re always working on) to talk about their experience and knowledge. We’re recording each week now and it’s really exciting. With industry experts talking about their jobs in a fun and informal way, we plan to continue setting RSL apart from the rest. Hopefully, we can entertain people and also show potential customers just why we really are the best solution for them.”

Interviewing key people

Over the course of our podcast series, we will be interviewing key people across different sectors. We want to give you as much insight as we can into the world of vending and how we are using technology to drive innovation.

Podcast topics

During the next 12 months on our podcast, we will be covering topics such as:

  • What’s next after the events of the last 12 months
  • Tech, innovation and the future
  • Sustainability
  • Healthcare, hospitality and more

Our first podcast will be released in September 2021 and will be available on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. A full list of topics will be released soon.

Stay tuned

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Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. If they are not achieving their goals then neither are we. Their satisfaction is very important to us and we believe that delivering what our customers want and need, means that we can form a long-lasting partnership.

I think the most important advantage RSL had over other potential suppliers was the use of the mobile drinks van. We knew we were getting quality before we switched suppliers!

Kongsberg Automotive

With the help of RSL, we now have a machine that meets demand, makes a delicious drink and is easy to use. We’re delighted with the service that we are now looking to add further machines to different areas on campus.

Leeds City College

I would recommend Refreshment Systems to any car dealership that is looking to enhance their customer experience with a high quality drink offering of bean to cup. We have worked with them for a number of years and installed a new machine last year which we could not be happier with.

Sytner, Sheffield

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