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The Big Players in the Vending Machine Industry: Exploring the Largest Vending Machine Companies in the UK

Posted on 18/01/2024 by Kate Dickinson
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Welcome to our exploration of the dynamic landscape of vending machines in the UK! In this post, we shine a spotlight on some of our natural competitors, delving into some of their diverse offerings. As we navigate through the strengths of these industry leaders, we also take a moment to share a glimpse of who we are – a unique player in the market. We don’t claim to be better; we pride ourselves on being different and trustworthy. Join us as we unfold the distinct characteristics that set us apart and make us a reliable choice in the vibrant world of vending solutions.

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Vending machines have become an integral part of modern-day convenience, offering accessibility to a diverse range of products. In the UK, several suppliers dominate the vending machine landscape, each bringing unique offerings and innovations to the table. In this blog, we delve into the largest UK vending machine suppliers, exploring VendTrade, Liquidline, Selecta, Intelligent Vending, and Refreshment Systems.


VendTrade is known for their diverse range of machines spanning from traditional snack and drink dispensers. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a prominent place in the market.


Specialising in providing high-quality coffee machines and beverage solutions, Liquidline has carved a niche for itself in the realm of workplace refreshments. Their emphasis on delivering premium coffee experiences combined with tailored solutions for offices and businesses sets them apart. From bean-to-cup machines to sustainable practices, Liquidline is a frontrunner in the coffee vending sector.


Selecta is a heavyweight in the vending industry, offering a broad spectrum of vending solutions for workplaces, public spaces, and leisure facilities. Their portfolio covers snacks, drinks, and fresh food, catering to diverse consumer preferences. With a focus on innovation, they continually evolve their offerings to align with market trends and customer demands.

Intelligent Vending

True to its name, Intelligent Vending specialises in state-of-the-art vending technologies. They are known for their innovative approach, integrating smart features such as touchscreens, cashless payments, and remote management systems into their machines. This tech-forward approach has positioned them as pioneers in the realm of intelligent vending solutions.

Refreshment Systems

Refreshment Systems holds a unique position in the UK vending machine market as a family-owned enterprise, bringing a distinct touch to their operations. Founded on the principles of quality service and a personalised approach, their familial ethos permeates every aspect of their business. This heritage has fostered a deep commitment to understanding and meeting the individual needs of their clients.

Refreshment Systems excels in providing bespoke vending solutions tailored to individual client needs. Their emphasis on cutting-edge technology incorporating contactless payments and IoT integration. They are able to create personalisation, combined with a wide range of products including snacks, hot and cold drinks, and fresh food, ensures that they cater effectively to various sectors, from education to healthcare and beyond.

The vending machine landscape in the UK is vibrant and competitive, with VendTrade, Liquidline, Selecta, Intelligent Vending, and Refreshment Systems leading the charge. Each supplier brings its unique strengths, whether it’s innovation, specialisation in certain products, or a focus on personalised solutions. Understanding these market leaders is crucial for businesses and consumers alike, as they continue to shape the vending experience in the UK.

As you consider vending solutions for your needs, exploring the offerings of these top suppliers can guide you towards finding the perfect fit for your requirements. Stay tuned for more insights and updates in the dynamic world of vending machines and their suppliers.

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I think the most important advantage RSL had over other potential suppliers was the use of the mobile drinks van. We knew we were getting quality before we switched suppliers!

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