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Healthier Snack Options in Vending

Posted on 12/03/2024 by Kate Dickinson
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In today’s fast-paced world, vending machines are more than just a convenience; they are an integral part of our daily lives, offering quick snacks and refreshments. However, with a growing awareness of health and nutrition, the demand for healthier vending machine options has never been higher. At Refreshment Systems Ltd., we are at the forefront of this change, committed to enabling our customers to make healthier food and drink choices.


Catering to Diverse Dietary Needs

We understand that dietary needs and lifestyle choices vary greatly among individuals. That’s why our product range is inclusive, catering not just to general health and wellbeing but also to specific dietary requirements. For vegans and vegetarians, our selection is diverse, ensuring that everyone finds something to enjoy. We also offer a variety of ‘free-from’ options, such as dairy-free and gluten-free products, accommodating those with specific dietary restrictions.

Allergen-Free Options for Everyone

One of our key focuses is on offering products that are safe for all. We stock several items that are free from all 12 declarable allergens, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their dietary limitations, has access to safe and delicious snacks and drinks.

Complying with Health Guidelines

In our effort to promote healthier eating habits, many of our products comply with government and NHS guidelines on healthier eating and snacking. We understand the importance of controlling sugar intake, and thus, our drink options contain less than 5g of added sugar per 100ml. For savoury snacks like crisps, we offer reduced portion sizes (30g bags or less) to help manage calorie intake. Our sweets and confectionery items are also carefully selected to ensure they do not exceed 250 calories per item.

A Step Towards Healthier Choices

At Refreshment Systems Ltd., we believe that making healthier choices should be easy and accessible. Our commitment to providing a wide range of healthy, inclusive, and allergen-free products is a testament to our dedication to our customers’ health and wellbeing. We are continually updating our product range to include the latest in healthy snacking trends, ensuring that our vending machines are not just a source of convenience but a gateway to healthier lifestyle choices.

In conclusion, as we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, we remain focused on our mission: to provide convenient, healthy, and enjoyable snacking options that cater to everyone’s needs. With Refreshment Systems Ltd., making a healthier choice is just a button away.

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