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Coffee machine rental

Should I rent, lease, or buy a coffee machine?

Posted on 15/08/2022 by RSL
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You might be questioning: “Should I rent, lease, or buy a coffee machine”? Coffee has grown to be a symbol of popular culture since its inception back in the 15th century. There is no denying that the humble brew isn’t just a hot beverage. It’s a culture created from the existence of coffee where billions of people are part of it. 

It might have taken centuries for the world to embrace these beloved beans. However, during the 1700s, it would be a journey that would constantly evolve over the years and eventually lead to the rise of coffee brewing culture. 

There is no point in disagreeing with the fact that coffee plays a huge role in our daily lives. So, getting the right coffee machine for your business is a big deal. However, do you know where to start on your new coffee machine journey?

The road begins when you decide which coffee vending machine is best suited to your business. The second step is to consider if you want to rent, lease, or buy the coffee machine outright.

Coffee machine rental

Renting option

Usually, installation, maintenance and servicing come as part of the rental agreement, and there is an option to extend the agreement once the predefined period has finished. In addition, signing on to a rental agreement includes a training programme to guarantee the proper operation of the machine by the users.

The advantage to renting a hot drink coffee machine includes more flexibility. For example, you can rent a floor-standing Neo, Rex-Royal, or Vitro for a short amount of time and assess if it works for you. If not you can look into getting another model. Another advantage is the cost-saving component of having a renting agreement, as the total cost of the bean to cup coffee machine is spread out into manageable month-by-month payments.

Leasing option

Leasing a coffee machine is very similar to renting; as you agree to a specific period and do not have ownership of the machine, but use it as if it were yours. The main difference leasing has to rent would be at the end of your leasing agreement, you have the option to take ownership of the smart vending machine, upgrade it, or return it.

A major advantage of leasing a commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine is the efficiency of the lease agreement. For example, the transition to upgrade or purchase the coffee machine at the end of the predefined leasing period becomes easier. 

Purchasing option

The purchasing option works by making a one-off payment for the commercial coffee machine and then setting up, and waiting for the installation date.

The advantages of buying your intelligent vending coffee machine outright include being in complete control of what machine model you want to buy, as you are not restricted to choosing within the range that has the rental and leasing options. There is also less paperwork involved as you are not required to go through any financial checks, and there are no contractual obligations.

Although there is typically a 1-year guarantee with any newly purchased machine, maintenance and servicing are not part of the overall payment – unlike in rental and lease options. Should your new machine break down or have any faults, after the guarantee period, you may potentially have to pay to get it fixed and for any required consistent maintenance.

In conclusion

So, should you rent bean to cup, lease table top or buy vending machine? As we have discussed, all three options have their benefits and constraints, and making this decision is based entirely on your budget and how you plan on utilising vending solution coffee machine. Consider which option would work best for the environment it is needed for.

Many people have started by renting the bean to cup machine, and once their business has grown, they have opted to extend their contract. Many prefer leasing as they want to continuously upgrade their new vending machine without being tied down to a specific model. And some want the feeling of ownership of the machine and prefer to buy it outright.

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