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The Importance of Coffee Machine Cleaner and Best Practices

Posted on 09/10/2023 by Steve May
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When you savour a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, it’s easy to forget the critical role cleanliness plays in preserving the machine’s functionality and the coffee’s flavour. For all coffee enthusiasts and baristas, knowing about coffee machine cleaner, how to use it, and why it’s crucial is non-negotiable.

Why Do You Need a Coffee Machine Cleaner?

Coffee contains oils that can build up over time and clog the inner workings of your coffee machine. These oils can also become rancid, leading to a bitter or off-taste in your brew. Limescale deposits, a hard, chalky substance composed of calcium carbonate, can also accumulate in your machine due to hard water. These deposits can affect the machine’s performance and ultimately its lifespan[^1^].

Cleaning your machine regularly with a specially designed coffee machine cleaner can prevent oil build-up and limescale deposits, ensuring your machine stays in top shape for longer and your coffee always tastes fresh.

Types of Coffee Machine Cleaners

Different types of cleaners are available in the market based on the coffee machine type:

  1. Cafiza: A popular cleaner designed for professional espresso machines. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for all espresso machines[^2^].
  2. Urnex CleanCup Descaling Solution: This is used for cleaning single-serve coffee makers. It breaks down limescale and mineral build-up[^3^].
  3. Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder: Ideal for use with semi-automatic espresso machines, this cleaner removes coffee oils and residue[^4^].
  4. Refreshment Systems’ SMARTQUBE X: This advanced coffee machine not only brews delicious coffee but also includes an automated cleaning system that requires specific cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.

How to Clean Your Coffee Machine?

The cleaning process can vary depending on the type of coffee machine.

For traditional barista coffee machines, you will need to:

  1. Clean the brew basket and portafilters daily with a group head brush and a suitable espresso machine detergent.
  2. Perform backflushing. This involves inserting a blind basket into the group head, adding a small amount of cleaner, and running the machine.
  3. Regularly descale your machine. This requires running a descaling solution through the machine to remove limescale deposits.

For bean-to-cup machines like SMARTQUBE X, it’s often a simple process of inserting a cleaning tablet or solution into the machine and running the automatic cleaning cycle.

Regardless of the type, always refer to your machine’s user manual or consult with the manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions.

When to Clean?

Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining your coffee machine. However, the frequency depends on how often you use it. As a general rule, traditional barista machines should be cleaned daily if used frequently, while bean-to-cup machines typically notify the user when a cleaning cycle is required.

Remember, investing in a good coffee machine cleaner and maintaining a regular cleaning schedule can significantly extend the life of your machine and ensure consistently great tasting coffee. So, make coffee machine cleaning an essential part of your coffee-making routine.

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[^2^]: Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner
[^3^]: Urnex CleanCup Descaling Solution
[^4^]: Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder

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