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The state of vending technology: Where are we?

Posted on 28/01/2022 by RSL
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Have you ever wondered about the science, technology and what makes a product function? You may have, but let’s talk about one particular product, the vending machine. Vending machines date all the way back to the 1st century. Long before the days of contactless payments and facial recognition. It was all about the coin-operated machine that dispensed holy water. Hero of Alexandria was the Thomas Edison of the ancient world. 

Living in Alexandria, Egypt, and a dedicated pupil of the Greek inventor and mathematician Ctesibius, Hero spent his day’s building and tinkering machines well ahead of his time. Now centuries later, look how far we have come. However, we are not done, and we will never be done, technology is a consent cycle of development. But, for now, it’s 2022 and we want to know where we are with vending machines?

Coca-cola vending machine

One Walk System v Three Walk System

Okay, there isn’t a “Three Walk System” that just sounds like a good heading contender. The One Walk System was launched in 2021 by RSL and it replaces the fact that an operative doesn’t have to keep going back and forth to see what products a vending machine needs. Now, they will know this beforehand.

There are disadvantages of course like if the operative is keen about their daily steps. It also brings huge advantages. For example, machines are filled a lot quicker, improving user experience, saving time, improving efficiency etc. 

The power of telemetry

Where not going to say we have this and that and hope you think RSL will be a good fit for you. We want to try and give you an insight to why we think our business could help your business with the likes of telemetry that comes as standard with a vending machine. The capabilities of telemetry are out of this world (Cliché). But it is true. We can know the status of a 1000+ machines by simply sitting behind a desk. 

It doesn’t stop there

Our planet provides us with so much, so it’s only fair to give something back. Where reducing our emissions with thanks to telemetry. We keep pushing to eliminate any negative impact we have on the environment.


Our goal is to help as many people as possible but do it to the highest quality. Whereat the stage now where products in a vending machine can be ordered via the Monyax app and paid through a phone, credit/debit card, facial recognition and more. This is where we are with vending. The advancements don’t stop and there isn’t any stopping us from fulfilling our goal and making people’s lives easier every day. 

Industries like healthcare and FM are busy places and vending machines are like a workhorse, they’re providing refreshments to 100’s of people every day. We need to keep on top of the health of the machine and make sure it can stay operational for people. Again, it’s through the power of telemetry. Who would think such a small piece of technology can bring so much to people.


Technology is changing everything and all of us need to stay in the loop to see where it can take us in the future. If you want to hear more about our product and services, contact Refreshment Systems on 0800 169 3686.

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