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The world of vending machines has evolved and become high-tech and exciting. By partnering with leading contactless payment providers, we are going beyond contactless and cashless payments to offer facial recognition, remote machine management, improved efficiency and customer loyalty programs for your vending solution.

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How does it work?

All the coffee and vending machines we supply are fitted with a contactless payment device that accepts all major cashless options. Through the exciting Nayax Monyx app, we can walk users through the selection and payment process and offer a complete customer loyalty platform.

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Nayax contactless payments

Our chosen partner for vending payment solutions is Nayax, an industry leader when it comes to contactless payments.

Easily manage your machine estate remotely using the management suite, making better use of staff time and cutting costs.

Use the marketing features to increase sales and customer loyalty, with various tools built into the system.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our vending contactless payment solution and how we can create a complete customer loyalty platform for your business.

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Customer and employee loyalty app

The Monyx wallet is an exciting payment app that gives users a wealth of information and features including the ability to track spending, win prizes and save money each time they top up their credit.

Benefits for users:

  • Discounts (10% extra added to your account every time you top-up by £10)
  • Gifts – encouraging return custom and loyalty
  • Spend tracking – see what you are spending and where
  • Instant refunds – users can be refunded instantly through the online management portal (if they do not receive their chosen product)

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