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Remote Fault Reporting

Real-time machine management

With built-in telemetry, any machine faults will be alerted in real-time to our customer care team, who can immediately dispatch an engineer or operative to the site (depending on the error/fault type).

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How does it work?

A device is fitted to the machine which sends direct alerts to our customer care team as soon as it detects an error or problem. This will then activate an alert to the relevant engineer/operative to visit the site and resolve the issue. With this software, you can also view a snapshot of your machine estate over time, highlighting any problematic machines to assist with future planning.

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remote machine management

Taking machine management even further

This technology can also highlight the misuse of the machines, which has already helped a number of our customers to solve breaks in service that were believed to be as a result of machine error, but were user error. This can then define training requirements for staff and visitors using the machine.

Benefits of remote fault tracking

  • Automate your fault reporting process
  • Minimise downtime
  • Solve possible user errors that are affecting your service
  • Track the health of your complete machine estate

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Reducing our carbon footprint

Since 2008, we’ve been working with a carbon management company to calculate and offset our corporate carbon footprint to become carbon zero.

Today, with more information coming from our machines and the ability to identify faults remotely, we can plan engineer and operative routes more efficiently, with fewer wasted visits, whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

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