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Which is the best coffee machine for an office?

Posted on 29/08/2022 by RSL
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Some would argue that having the best office coffee machine is the most important factor in a happy and productive workplace. Not only that! But doing a drink run is a valuable way to step away from the screen and do some serious thinking – depending on your job, this time can be super useful.

Coffee is more than a caffeinated concoction compelling you to wake up in the morning. Coffee creates a community, it’s a conversation starter, a culture builder and one of the reasons for connecting millions of people all over the world.

Beyond just the brew, comes the machine. Is your current device up to the challenge of modern work life? As offices become busy again, it’s essential to have a coffee machine that can support the demand.

Apart from making a high-quality drink, what else do you look for when deciding on a coffee machine for your business?

Vitro in office

Higher quality bean-to-cup coffee

The coffee machines that we supply have one simple goal: to produce the freshest, highest-quality coffee possible. The fresher the coffee, the more full-flavoured the shot is.

What is this coffee that is unique and won awards? We have our range of bean-to-cup coffee. The Balmforth and Co collection ranges from:

  • Blend 1
  • Blend 2
  • Blend 6
  • Blend 7
  • Blend 9
  • Blend 0

Whether you are a small or large company, there are different bean-to-cup coffee machines available in our collection that can satisfy the needs of every size of company.

Distance selection

Concerns about people using the same equipment, and standing next to each other are still on people’s minds. However, all our commercial coffee machines have distant selection enabled. There is so much more to this technology! Distance selection technology allows the user to obtain the products without having any contact with the surface of the machine, adding safety and hygiene to the purchasing process.

Ideal for workplaces, hospitality, and healthcare sector, the health and safety measures enabled by Distance Selection Technology, will improve consumer confidence in the use of hot drink or cold drink vending machines,

Changing the way we interact with the devices around us. Just like vending machines, has become an indispensable step to reducing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses, which will be reflected in improved health for users.

Distance Selection creates a hygienic barrier between the user and the machine. Whilst coffee machines and vending machines are perfectly safe, this technology goes one step further.

The technology behind the revolution wins the consumers’ confidence to use an automatic vending machine, allowing them to enjoy and indulge in the best selection of coffee and hot beverage safely. It is a great option if you want added peace of mind, though is by no means a necessity. The choice is completely up to you.

Media Screens

Media screens are a great addition to your coffee machine. Providing your staff, customers, or visitors with a positive experience while on your premises should not be underestimated. Whether you want to display unique products, run advertising campaigns, or do something else – this is possible to display on our machines. By adding videos to your screens, you can create a unique experience to help promote your or local businesses or even offer further information or offers.


We’re using real-time vending telemetry to improve efficiency, reduce machine downtime and ensure your machine is always stocked. Our coffee machines come by telemetry standards and are always stocked to optimum levels.

We can monitor stock through our unique monitoring system and send out an operator to refill when the stock falls below a pre-defined threshold. With telemetry, your coffee machines will use our automated fault reporting feature. So, if anything goes wrong, we can send out an engineer to get it fixed immediately.

The perfect coffee machine for the job

Technology plays a huge part in the vending solution and coffee industry. It can create a next-generation customer experience. The latest office vending machine that is at the forefront of being uniquely different from its predecessor is the Rex-Royal S2. This coffee self-serve vending machine is quality on all levels. 

True passion and 100 per cent Swiss Made. A professional floor standing or table top bean-to-cup coffee machine with no steam wand for medium capacity requirements. An intuitive, video-capable 7-inch touch screen offers an entire range of individual quality drink creations. From espresso and classic coffee to numerous milk drinks and other mixed drinks such as cappuccino, latte macchiato or hot chocolate.

Choose between fresh and instant products. This professional commercial bean-to-cup coffee intelligent vending machine also makes it possible to get one or two coffees, hot water, and steam simultaneously. At its core, the new Vitro S2 has been developed further to meet the demands of businesses looking for smart vending machines. 

Rex-Royal S2 comes with telemetry as standard. You will never have to worry about a broken-down coffee machine, empty bean-to-cup machine, inventory management or coffee machine maintenance. After the coffee machine installation is completed, our operatives will take the hard work away. They will make sure your new vending machine is clean and working as it should.

This telemetry-powered coffee machine offers innovative capabilities to provide everyone in your business with luxury-tasting coffee. Helping you finally feel satisfied and more proactive. 

In conclusion

  • Hopefully, we have outlined the benefits of having a next-generation coffee machine in your business. Whatever coffee machine you are looking for, RSL will work with you to deliver a completely bespoke solution. We will go on a journey and support you with your vending service needs.

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