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Vending wars

Vending Wars: VendSmart vs The Rest of The World

Posted on 08/07/2022 by Evan Church
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No more sticking to the same chocolate bar or can of pop, gone are the days of the traditional vending machine. The vending industry is in a never-ending race of development and opportunity, and we must keep up or we will end up finding ourselves going backwards. 

For every office block, hospital, or manufacturing site you visit, we can guarantee that there is a vending machine around the corner. They’re part of our everyday life and the demand for them isn’t slowing down. This isn’t just the UK, but the rest of the world. 

So… As the need for vending machines increases daily, what do our unique VendSmart machines do differently from the vending machines around the world?

You won’t believe these vending machines exist

If you think vending machines are only stocked up with confectionary and cold drinks and their healthier alter-egos, think again. 

These days, there are very different types of vending machines that sell more than just-food. 

Lets go:

Gold to Go machine

The Gold to Go machine is the first-ever gold dispensing vending machine. You can these located in Dubai Mall UAE. This machine is guarded by armoured guards all day long, and rightfully so. This glittering ATM spits out 24-karat gold in 320 different forms: gold bars, coins, and even jewellery.

Let’s Pizza machine

Has microwave pizza finally met its match? Why settle for soggy pizza just because you’re in a rush? Now you can put some money in a vending machine, push a button, and three minutes later, you’ll have freshly made pizza.

The machine, called Let’s Pizza, can be loaded with the ingredients for making 100 pizzas, from scratch! Not joking it even makes the dough! This seems like a unique invention, but imagine the queue to get pizza from here, you would have no dinner break left. There are many of these located around Italy. 

Moet and Chandon Champagne vending machine

Could this be the classiest vending machine to date? This machine is situated in Selfridges Department Store in London. The machine dispenses miniature bottles of champagne. 


Now, we have come to a set of vending machines that are a power horse of a machine. The other machines mentioned are unique in their way, but are they necessary? Not really… Let’s explain. Think of the money and time spent guarding a gold vending machine in a shopping centre. It’s just not needed. Creativity is good, but sometimes it can be overdone. 

Again, the other machines are different, but they don’t have the technology inside as VendSmart do. There’s no telemetry, if the gold vending machine broke down would the guard have to leave the machine on its own to make a call to an engineer? They don’t have telemetry, so that means they also don’t have auto-ordering. What if the pizza machine runs out of ingredients? How long until an operative comes and restocks it?

VendSmart is a set of necessary vending machines, that are needed by businesses such as the NHS, Facilities Managers, Catering Managers etc. The Optic Media, Media and Classic are filled up if different types of technology to make people’s lives easier. Such as telemetry, auto ordering, LSR, Media Screens, and various ways of paying. VendSmart has created experiences that weren’t possible before. 


Vending machines are changing all the time, but it’s important to note that they shouldn’t go over the top. Yes, VendSmart can vend anything, but we keep it bespoke for the customer, we listen to what they want and need for their business and the items become necessary. 

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Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. If they are not achieving their goals then neither are we. Their satisfaction is very important to us and we believe that delivering what our customers want and need, means that we can form a long-lasting partnership.

We got our machines very quickly, installed and working in no time, the aftercare is superb, we have weekly visits from our very entertaining replenishment engineer, nothing is too much trouble and we would highly recommend Refreshment Systems to any new/existing business.

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We approached RSL after finding out that they could supply the Vitro coffee machines (which we wanted in our new offices). They were able to offer us the best solution to meet our needs. We are so happy with the service that we have received so far, that we are looking to use them in some of our other sites.

Virgin Money

With the help of RSL, we now have a machine that meets demand, makes a delicious drink and is easy to use. We’re delighted with the service that we are now looking to add further machines to different areas on campus.

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