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Why are vending machine businesses failing?

Posted on 22/08/2022 by RSL
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10, 15, or 20 years ago, did you ever imagine a world where intelligent vending machines are innovating the technological world? You probably didn’t because they were just big clunky machines that broke down every 10 minutes. Therefore, vending machine businesses failed.

They wasn’t changing the industry. No technology was implemented and customer experience wasn’t on the minds. Now, 10, 15, and 20 years later, vending machines are changing the game in a huge fashion. Never underestimate the modern vending machine.

The world of vending is synonymous with technology that breaths innovation. But how has the evolution of artificial intelligence managed to bring outdated vending machines into the modern-day?

Like RSL and many other industries where the involvement of AI has taken centre stage, this cycle of tech evolution that we are all in will continue to grow. Meaning the vending industry can take a front-row seat as the technology used will sweep through the market to meet the modern demand of consumers with their digital mindsets.

Although tech plays a pivotal role in the vending world it’s relevant to say, which technologies are taking on that role? On which machines? And how are vending machines for business really helping? That is where the implementation of telemetry comes in, with the added involvement of our next-generation smart vending machines.

Drink vending machine intelligent vending machines RSL Vending solutions

Failing vending machines

Vending industries need to understand that workplace vending machines are more than just a clunky box in the corner that can dispense snacks and drinks. They need to start realising the true capability of commercial vending machines and how they can improve the customer experience. As a vending supplier, we’re embracing technology, and this can be showcased by our VendSmart automated retail Vending Machines. Industrial Vending Solutions companies aren’t fully taking technology on board and that’s where they’re falling.

Our machines

Telemetry is already among us, but it’s still an exciting prospect of what is to come in terms of what it will be able to do next. This small piece of tech can provide so much. However, you want next-generation fresh food machines capable of using telemetry to provide you with everything that particular technology can do.

No more commuting to the corner shop for an overpriced chocolate bar, our modern machines with the added touch of office vending surrounds allows you to relax and enjoy a well-deserved break.

Take a step into the future and choose from a range of snack and drink vending machines:

Beyond cash

As you learn more about snack vending machines, you will know that they have moved past the traditional way of users paying for a snack. A whole library of possibilities has opened up, and cash is not needed anymore when you have access to other technologies.

Again, it is this constant cycle of tech evolution that we are all in. We now have advantages of Apple PayFacial Recognition and apps. These payment methods may encourage people to make a purchase instead of searching for some loose change that they may not have.

Media Screens

Telemetry is not the only feature that will blow your mind. Some of our modern vending machines now offer media screens where companies such as Coka-ColaCadbury and Pepsi can advertise their product or service. A whole new customer experience has opened up, which is another step into the future of what self serve vending machines can do. 

In summary: Technology is a game-changer

There is so much room for innovation in the vending solutions industry. With a bright future on the rise, now is the time to be excited.  

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